Please note that applications are due at 11:59 PM on Thursday, September 19th

What We Look For

Many current CVC members had never heard of Venture Capital prior to applying to CVC. We do not look for prior experience of any kind, but would like to see candidates demonstrate genuine passion in their field of interest and also a hunger to learn more about other fields. We look for candidates who look to CVC as more than a professional club for advancing their career, but a club where they can see themselves contributing to, both intellectually and socially, for the rest of their Cornell career and beyond.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

At CVC, we look for individuals who are passionate about their work, demonstrate analytical thought, and are genuinely interested in VC/Entrepreneurship. By nature of the diverse work that we do with our clients, we look out for a variety of backgrounds from engineering to philosophy and food science majors. We encourage candidates to be themselves throughout the process and look forward to hearing unique insights!

The dress-code for all our events is smart casual - dress-code is not part of our recruitment criteria so please come comfortably dressed. All interactions with the club prior to interviews will not contribute to your application decision (infosessions/coffee chats are optional; they are meant to be purely informational and will have no impact on your application).

Application Process

The CVC interview process will be different from many other similar business clubs on campus. There will be a resume screen and two rounds of interviews; both are meant to simulate what project work in CVC may feel like to a new analyst.

Resume Screen

The resume screen will take place after submission of your application. Successful applicants that make it through this round will receive an email with details for the first round of interviews.

First Interview

48 hours prior to the interview, applicants will be given a specific industry to research along with a list of sample questions. We highly encourage applicants to dig deep into the industry and have fun with the project! Form your own unique perspectives and play to your strengths - we want to see you exhibit your technical knowledge if you are an engineer, display your business acumen as a business student, or develop perspectives that are unique to your experiences and research.

Final Interview

The format of this final interview will be similar to the first interview. We will release a different topic 48 hours prior to the final round interview as well.

Meet the Team

➤ Clubfest

Barton Hall
15 September
1:00pm - 4:00pm


➤ Info sessions

EHub Kennedy Hall
16 & 17 September
6:00PM - 7:00PM


♨️ CoCOA Chats

ehub kennedy hall
18 September
4:00pm - 7:00pm

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➤ Applications

Due 11:59PM
19 September

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