Jay Chia


CVC is family.

CVC has literally changed my career trajectory - I first heard of Freenome (the company I am working at after graduation) when working on a CVC project on AI/Biotech startups. My passions in technology, software and entrepreneurship were kindled by my many like-minded peers at CVC. Beyond the professional impact CVC has had on me, I also met many of my closest friends here and the social circle in the club was invaluable as an international student adjusting to life in the US. I continue to meet my now-graduated friends from CVC outside of school and I have no doubt our friendship will continue to grow even after graduation!


About Me

Jay is a senior majoring in Computer Science from Singapore (but unfortunately is not crazy rich). He joined Cornell in the spring of 2016 after his mandatory military service and joined CVC in his first semester. Since stepping down as COO of CVC, Jay now involves himself mostly with computational biology research on campus and full-stack engineering for his side hustle, HangApp.


Computer Science '18



Semester Joined:

Spring '16


GV, OTV, OpenView, Taurus, Cayuga Venture Fund


During my gap year after military service and prior to starting college, I headed recruitment for Shopback, a Softbank-funded Series B eCommerce startup in Singapore. I later spent a summer at Facebook as a software engineer, and after graduation I will be joining Freenome, an a16z/GV-funded early-stage liquid biopsy cancer detection startup. My current professional interests lie in software engineering, machine learning and biology. Currently on campus I am also involved in computational biology research applying deep learning to understanding the epigenome, as well as a side hustle on a social app called HangApp.


When not caught up in massive amounts of self-inflicted work, I enjoy playing the guitar, singing and hiking.