Joshua Chin


Fulfilling, Impactful Work.

My favorite aspect of CVC is the exposure to an industry that is very hard to get experience in, especially as an undergrad. Through a variety of projects like cold calling companies in India at 3:00 AM, teaching a venture capitalist about Quantum Computing, and sourcing companies within AgTech and Construction Tech, I was able to interact with many different venture capital firms and provide meaningful insights that are actually valued by them. It's an amazing feeling knowing that all our clients take our work incredibly seriously and have made/passed on investments purely due to our analyses.


About Me

Josh is a senior from Neshanic Station, NJ and is majoring in Applied Economics and Management. Since joining CVC in Spring 2017, he has worked on projects with NEA, Envision, OTV, and GGV. His professional experiences include working for venture firms like NEA and KEC Ventures and helping NEA's portfolio company, Choosy, with their product launch this past summer. In his free time, Josh enjoys listening to music, pretending he's good at golf, and driving circles around Fred Kauber on the highway during CVC trips.


Applied Economics and Management '18


Neshanic Station, NJ

Semester Joined:

Spring '17


NEA, Envision, OTV, GGV


During my freshman summer, I participated in a mentorship program at Merrill Lynch and also helped develop an app for tablets that help people with disabilities or verbal limitations communicate. The following summer, I was a fellow at 88ships, a boutique company builder and advisory platform for startups. During my junior year, I interned for KEC Ventures in the fall semester and interned for NEA in the spring semester. This past summer, I helped Choosy, a portfolio company of NEA, with their product launch as a strategy and operations intern. This semester, I will continue to intern for NEA.


I enjoy playing tennis, watching hockey, shooting, fishing, and drinking boba tea.