Grace Shau


Real Life Impact.

My favorite memory in terms of the work I've done with CVC would definitely be hearing one of our clients actually say they were going to look deeper into and invest in some of the companies we had researched and presented to them. Being able to work on a project with tangible outcomes was amazing. Generally though, my favorite part of CVC has just been how easy it is to get along with everyone even though everyone has such diverse interests and backgrounds. I genuinely would consider members of this club some of my closest friends now despite only joining last semester.


About Me

Grace is a junior from California majoring in Information Science in Arts and Sciences. She joined CVC in spring of her sophomore year and has worked on projects around consumer marketplaces and quantum computing with BVP and GGV. Outside of CVC, Grace is involved with CAPSU, heading its mentorship program for freshman and CII, a new impact investment consulting group on campus. In her free time, she binges Netflix, falls down Wikipedia rabbit holes, and annoys her mentor, Fred Kauber.


Information Science '20


San Jose, CA

Semester Joined:

Spring '18




This past summer I interned at Barclays in the Sales and Trading division, the summer prior I was back in California working for a tech retailer in the accounting department, and during the school year I've worked with REV: Ithaca, a local startup incubator. I really enjoy formulating critical investment ideas based on the understanding of the unique aspects of companies and their relation to the world around them, especially for distressed and early stage companies because of their massive potential and volatility.


Outside of academics, I love talking, playing tennis, cooking, and defending NorCal and the West Coast (also known as the Best Coast)