Alanna Zhou


See the Bigger Picture.

What I really love about CVC is the opportunity to explore the concrete results of applying technology to the real world. While I'm currently working on a project in AppDev about automating deployment through a bot, I'm also coincidentally researching for CVC about robotic process automation and learning about all the current startups that are exploring the field. It's just so cool to take a step back from coding and see technology in the grand scheme of things. On top of that, I'm super glad to have everyone on this team as my friends, and I can't wait to see all of our friendships grow throughout Cornell and beyond!


About Me

Alanna is a freshman majoring in Computer Science from the Bay Area, California. After interning at Andreessen Horowitz, she found a passion for venture capital and is excited to be working as a CVC analyst since joining in the fall of 2018. Beyond CVC, Alanna is on the Cornell Society of Women Engineers' student committee and is a backend developer at Cornell App Development (AppDev). In her free time, she enjoys coding away at hackathons, making OC memes, and eating fried bananas.


Computer Science '22


Saratoga, CA

Semester Joined:

Fall '18


GV, Foundation Capital


During my junior year of high school, I worked as a Software Engineering intern at Andreessen Horowitz, an awesome experience where I created database integration tools with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and the Slack API and discussed anything from the latest Musk vs. Zuckerberg argument on Twitter to the latest a16z investment. The rest of my coding experience comes from hackathons, where my teams and I code novel ideas into award-winning applications.


I am frequently found drinking boba while playing poker, fish, or Avalon with my friends.