George Chai


Shared Passions.

My favorite part about CVC is the fact that you can have an engaging conversation about technology and entrepreneurship with anyone in the club. CVC has provided me with a platform to truly dive deep in topics that excite me, and at the same time, have a good time with amazing people. This club allows me to truly think about what I'd like to venture off into for my future life. I love technology and entrepreneurship, and CVC is at the perfect intersection of that - it's a special group.


About Me

George is a sophomore from Long Island, NY studying Applied Economics and Management. He joined CVC in Fall 2018 and is excited to be a part of the team. Previously, George spent a year at Berkeley studying economics and doing consulting for sustainablity companies. Besides CVC, George likes learning about venture/entrepreneurship and hanging out with his friends.


Applied Economics and Management '21


Long Island, NY

Semester Joined:

Fall '18


GV, Foundation Capital


Professionally, I am excited about fintech specifically and cool startups in general. This summer, I had the great opportunity to spend a summer at EquityZen, a marketplace for pre-IPO investments and shareholder liquidity. There, I worked on the deal team and helped push out live deals for accredited investors. Prior to that, I was a student consultant for a group called BEACN at Berkeley, where I helped advise sustainability companies on big picture questions. In the future, I'd like to either build an enterprise of my own or be a part of team that is in the process of doing so.


I love to run, read about startups, and cook breakfast foods