Aastha Shah


Breaking the Code.

Being a programmer, for me, often means being focused on developing and creating my own ideas. My experience at CVC through the research I have done has shown me that creating cool tech is more than typing away at a laptop! Aside from learning about VC's and entrepreneurship, CVC has allowed me to become friends with some of the coolest, kindest, and most passionate people that I have ever met.


About Me

Aastha is a freshman from Closter, NJ, stuyding Computer Science in the College of Engineering. She joined CVC in the fall 2018 semester and is also part of the Hack4Impact team. In her free time, Aastha enjoys hunting down the lastest trends in fashion, sketching, coding, running, and figure skating.


Computer Science '22


Closter, NJ

Semester Joined:

Fall '18


Touchdown Ventures, Citi Ventures


In my senior year of high school, I founded a food-sharing startup called Divvy. Divvy allows people list unwanted food items which can be given to other people or foodbanks. In the future, Divvy will also allow grocers and farmers sell so-called "ugly" or almost expired unwanted foods. I also interned as a content producer and web development intern at Sterling Medical Devices and as a web designer and developer for LuvMyJewelry.


I love all things fashion, especially designing and sketching my own outfits! I also love app development, web design, figure skating, and running. And if I have time, I enjoy concocting dessert in wild flavors.