Fred Kauber


Growth and Learning.

In my sophomore year, one of our members gave an industry talk on beauty. I knew very little about that industry at the time, but I ended up becoming very interested in it and using it as the subject for my entry in the Stripes Group National Pitch-off Competition sophomore year. We ended up winning that competition, earning me an interview and subsequently a job at Stripes. You always have the chance to learn something new in CVC, and that thought excites me personally and professionally.


About Me

Fred is a senior from Pleasantville, New York pursuing a double major in Information Science and Applied Economics and Management. He has worked on 7 projects at CVC with VC partners including NEA and OpenView. His professional experiences include time as a project manager for Morningstar in Australia and as an analyst for Stripes Group in New York. Outside of CVC, Fred enjoys interviewing entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurship@Dyson, playing tchoukball, and progressing on his quest to visit America's top pizza places.


Applied Economics and Management, Information Science '19


Pleasantville, NY

Semester Joined:

Fall '16


Envision, DMG, Taurus, NEA, OTV


Tech and Consumer Investor at Stripes Group


Hockey, Soccer, Listening to Podcasts or Billy Joel