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Real Life Impact.

Favorite CVC project-related memory was when the VC Client I had worked with as a novice first-semester analyst sent out an email saying that he landed a place on a $50M VC deal led by Sequoia and that our team's work had helped him a lot. It really helped me see that my interests were actually helpful to someone.


About Me

Siddant is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Computer Science. He's from Kathmandu, Nepal, loves startup culture and has interned at bunch of startups including one in the music industry; he aspires to continue his career in product management after graduation. Siddant joined CVC in his fall sophomore year and is currently a Project Manager. He likes rock music and pretends to be a soccer pundit.


Computer Science '19, minor in Philosophy


Kathmandu, Nepal

Semester Joined:

Fall '16


Envision, Touchdown


After freshman year, I worked at a Media & Enterntainment startup called Karma Records as a Software Engineering (SWE) Intern. The next summer I initially started working as a SWE intern at StartupTree here in Ithaca. Midway through I transitioned to a Product Management role and really loved the work I did. This summer I worked as a Product Manager Intern at Chegg at their HQ in Santa Clara, CA which was an awesome experience. Recuriting is tough; feel free to reach out -- I'm happy to talk more about my experiences.


In my little spare time, I love listening to the Doors, playing my guitar and daydreaming.