Information Science/Applied Economics & Management '21

Rishab Bhandari


Insightful Tech Talks.

My favorite CVC experiences have been our bi-weekly tech-talks. These presentations have been an incredible way for me to learn about sectors I would not normally know about presented by a fellow CVCer. My favorites have been David’s presentations on Initial Coin Offerings, Fred’s presentation on Valuations and Jeff’s presentation on CRISPR. I look forward to hearing more of these in the semesters to come.


About Me

Rishab is a freshman from the Princeton area intending to double major in information science and applied economics and management. Since joining CVC, he has done work with Openview, BVP and GGV. Outside of CVC, Rishab is also involved on the CUAUV project team and Cornell Data Science. Some of his interests include cryptocurrencies, archery, and up-and-coming rappers.


Information Science/Applied Economics and Management '18


Princeton, New Jersey

Semester Joined:

Fall '17


GGV, BVP, OpenView


Last summer I worked at the New Jersey Department of Transportation developing cost analysis models and benchmarks for intelligent traffic light migration and highway resurfacing, comparing in-house operations and private contractors with data analysis in Python and Excel. I was also able to develop a mental health application that was aquired by an angel investor in August of 2018.


Listening to Rap Music, Watching Boxing and Soccer.