Who We Are

Founded in 2010, the Cornell Venture Capital club (CVC) is a diverse group of around 30 undergraduate students from across the many majors of Cornell. CVC brings together a diverse pool of students united by a common interest in technology as well as entrepreneurship.


Half of CVC members are engineers by trade, ranging from the fields of Operations Research to Material Science; many work on cutting-edge problems such as Artificial Intelligence and Biotech Research.


Our analysts also hail from Cornell’s various business schools and have full access to the wealth of Cornell’s rich database resources.


Analysts majoring in Government, Economics and Industrial Relations provide unparalleled perspective into the regulatory aspects of business.

Project Work

Project teams in CVC usually comprise of two project managers and three to four analysts. Each project kicks off approximately two weeks into the school semester and spans for an entire semester. Our projects have ranged from work for VC firms looking to invest into the health and beauty industry, to work for startups in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Hence, teams are often chosen with both personal interest and complementary skillsets in mind.

Members join CVC as analysts and learn the ropes in project teams for their first few semesters in the club. Eventually, senior analysts can make the transition into project management where they take on a stronger mentorship and management role in their projects.

Projects can be expected to take up a significant amount of time during the academic semester (between 5 to 10 hours a week), but they are hugely enriching for our members both in terms of developing an acumen for VC work, but also in terms of professional visibility with our clients and their companies.

Social Life and Mentorship

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Social Life

CVC is more than just a professional project work organization. Members also enjoy a healthy social circle and even travel benefits! We organize subsidized trips to New York City for the annual Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit, as well as take part in various case competitions and venture capital investment competitions with other members of the club.

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Professional mentorship

On the professional level, senior members of CVC also provide mentorship and guidance to younger members in the same major, or aspiring towards the same academic and career goals. Training is also provided for new analysts and new project managers to better acquaint them with the professional skills and knowledge that will serve them well both as a venture capitalist and a member of any project team.



Our alumni network is diverse and fiercely supportive of our current students. Many of our former members have gone on to work in venture capital and finance, but many have also joined tech startups and other larger companies as engineers, project managers and in other strategic business roles. Meet-ups with alumni are often held in major cities across the US such as San Francisco and New York City.